"Great song writing talent" (Melody Maker).

Welcome to the website of singer/songwriter/guitarist Steve Adams, writer and performer of surreal, humorous songs, such as "Cannabis Triffidus" and "The Big Fight" and of some deadly serious ones too. 

 Do visit the "Videos" page on this site (click on the "Videos" link above). A number of people seem to have found the "Cannabis Triffidus"  cartoon particularly entertaining. 

New album now on sale !


Steve is pleased  to announce the release of his new CD album, "I Do Not Entertain Lightly" which is now available at his live performances and can also be ordered from this website. Click on the "Online Shop" link at the top of this page to order your copy.

If you prefer to download this album, please go to any major music download site (iTunes, Amazon etc) and search "steve adams entertain lightly" .

To get an idea of what the album sounds like, watch the "Introducing I Do Not Entertain Lightly" video, which contains snippets of many of the songs on the album, by clicking here.

If you would like to be on Steve's emailing list and to receive news about albums, future appearances etc, please email Steve by clicking the email link below. 

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